School Founder


Mohammed Saleh Al-Mulhim (May God Reward him for Everything) a successful businessman, philanthropist, former member of the Chamber of Commerce and Charity Organization, Founder and the Owner of the first International School in Al-Hasa in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia, Al-Reeyada International School which was established in the year 2000 based on the principle to provide quality education for a multi-diverse community.

Al-Reeyada International School (ARIS) soon became the first and only school in the city to become a center of the University of Cambridge as well as Examination Center, providing the British Curriculum preparing students for IGCSE /A-level.

Over the years, the school thrived and became a prestigious institution in which Mohammed Saleh received much recognition by the British council,Ministry of Foreign Education and accreditation from AdvancED; an American organization, enabling many students to graduate with great honors and be accepted in different universities around the globe.

Mohammed Saleh Al-Mulhim has passed away on 18thJanuary 2012, a day of great loss to the community of Al-Hasa