Our Students

The students of ARIS are well motivated and hardworking which enable them to be competitive when they go out from our school. The school prepares them to face the challenges of this changing world. All ARIS students are confident learners; they take pride in whatever endeavor they lead from the school’s wide range British Curriculum.

All graduates of ARIS are accepted in all the prestigious colleges and universities in the world. ARIS is well-equipped to prepare students for college education and students who will continue their studies in any part of the world.Our education system enables all students to be recognized by any institution back in their own country or worldwide.

ARIS is a student-centered school, we believe that every student has individual needs and that’s what the school is fostering. We nurture students by encouraging them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Since the school is multi-national community, we acknowledge the diversity in culture and cultural differences of each student. Students respect each one regardless of color, language and religion.

We stand in our objective to provide quality education to every student.ARIS strives in offering a cohesive education program from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 12 by continuously upgrading our teaching strategies and learning based programs. Our school inspires the students to aim for the highest level of achievement in their chosen career.

We will continue to aim that every ARIS student will be globally competitive, responsible individual in the community and achievers.

Student Achievements

Rawan Mustafa
Top in Eastern Region Saudi Arabia A Level Biology

Karim El-Sayed
Top in the Eastern Region Saudi Arabia in IGCSE Chemistry

Mohammed Galal
Top in the World IGCSE Math

Sara Galal
First in Saudi Arabia IGCSE Biology

Ghadeer Hashim
Top in Eastern Region Saudi Arabia in IGCSE Biology

Esha Arif
Second in Saudi Arabia for Seven IGCSE Subjects Across

Shahed Elsadig
Top in Eastern Region Saudi Arabia in IGCSE ICT

Renad Tarek
Top in Eastern Region Saudi Arabia in IGCSE ICT