School Services

Al-Reeyada International School management believes in the “a healthy body is a healthy mind” concept. Under the supervision of the ministry of health, the school assures that the canteen provides healthy, nutritious food and snacks for its students.

The school has just received its accreditation by the World Wide American Organization; AdvancED. Making it the first and only International School in Al Hasa, which now entitles the school to getting its High School Diploma and Transcript stamped by the AdvancED. The school is also planning to be certified center for S.A.T. exams (Scholastic Assessment Test) by the AMIDEAST. AMIDEAST is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

The school puts the responsibility for the student’s safety and health as a priority on its premises and is well prepared for any possible case scenario involving an emergency to any of the students. There are first aid kits on each floor of the male and the female sections of the school which are easily accessed in case needed and are inspected on a regular basis to maintain their quality to make sure they’re safe to use. Also, there are licensed nurses who are present and are qualified to handle results due to accidents in the school. In addition, the school has an arrangement with Mulhim Clinic in which any case of emergency that may require medical attention is to be transferred to the above mentioned clinic where the necessary steps will be taken. That along with posters and boards all around the school that raise awareness to health and safety.

The school management understands that KG students can’t handle being away from home for the first time, therefore, the orientation day for KG students has been designed to help the children adapt to the new environment and help them cope with it through activities and fun educational material.

Transportation is provided by the school upon request. There are 3 school buses that are distributed over El- Hasa district which are operated by well trained drivers with prior experience in driving school buses, which is a requirement by the school as it is of great aid when it comes to dealing with the children on board. In addition, each bus has a member of the teaching staff as supervisor who is responsible for handling all situations and incidents that may occur on board, as well as maintaining order.

Due to the commotion, constant movement and activity around the premises, it’s inevitable that some of the children might lose personal belongings which if found by a student or a teacher, are taken to the lost and found department where it can be later claimed by the child or his/her parents.

Most of the students graduating from Al-Reeyada enroll in prestigious universities all over the world, and the school management tries to help the students choose their future profession through trips and activities to different universities as well as arranging representatives that come from different institutes of higher education to come and talk to the high school students and help them explore and set career goals to help them in choosing the faculty in which they can achieve those goals.

Currently, the day care service is a staff restricted service; however, this might be implemented for working parents who can also leave their babies with a very experienced and qualified baby sitter. The day care is also well equipped with non hazardous and educational games all under the supervision of the baby sitter.

The school handles all Ministry of Education related issues which include getting the school certificates as well as the report cards stamped by the Ministry of Education – Department of Foreign Education.

This procedure is a free of charge and to help the parents – students to receive their documents.

Parents Committee

The Parents Committee will work actively to create a positive school environment and help ensure good co-operation between school and home. The Parents Committee will work together with the administration of the school to create positive opportunities for the children. They will also promote the school in the local community and strengthen the links to the community.

The Parents Committee members are elected every year from different nationalities to ensure that all children have equal opportunities.

Dear Parents,
The Parent committee will work actively to create a positive school environment and help ensure good co-operation between school and home. The Parent-Committee will work together with the administration of the school to create positive opportunities for the children. They will also promote the school in the local community and strengthen the links to the community.

These are the members of the Parents Committee 2016 – 2017. Please contact
them if you have any suggestions, doubts or facing any problems. Parents Committee serves as additional channel of communication to and from school and parents.

Thank you.

  • To provide an opportunity for Al-Reeyada International School parents to share their ideas and mutual concerns on every facet of school life.
  • To provide on-going communication between parents and the management.
  • To keep all parents informed of school policies and issues, and provide continuous feedback.
  • To endorse, recommend, and collaborate on school initiatives.
  • Parent-Committee consists of minimum 9 parents and 3 management members.
  • Usually members serve on the committee for a period of one Academic year.
  • Communicate with all parents about school programs.
  • Enable parents to share information about culture, background, student’s talents and needs with the School.
  • Establish clear 2-way channels for communication from parents to school and school to parents.
  • Ensure all information for and from parents are clear, usable, and linked to a student’s positive growth.
  • Provide clear information to parents on school policies, improvements and transitions. This will help in better understanding of school programs and policies.
  • Every parent (mother / father / legal guardian / local guardian of the child studying at Al-Reeyada International School) can be a member of the Parent-Committee.
  • Members must commit to attend the regular meetings.
  • Parents should be aware of the quality education and have academic background as well as spoken English with fluency.
  • Parents who have 2 or more children are eligible for nomination to the Parents Committee.
  • A parent to be eligible to the membership of the parent committee agrees to participate as a volunteer in order to serve his/her community and the betterment of the school as a whole not for personal reasons.
  • Parents Committee must have the ability and the personality in order to deliver information properly to parents.

Alumni Registration

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