What is “Elementary School”?

Elementary school is the primary grades, leading to intermediate school and high school. It’s from grade 1 until 4. Elementary school is the training ground in children where they learn all the basics. They learn how to sit in their desks. They learn all the real basic academic skill. It is mandatory because of the formation and development of a child’s personality and academic skills.   Subjects Elementary School Students Study:   The most important subjects that elementary school children study are math, reading, social studies, and science. Elementary students also have computer, arts and crafts, along with P.E., Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Deen are mandatory subjects for Muslims by Ministry of Education– Department of Foreign Education.

Math Skills Taught in Elementary School:

Math skills taught in elementary school start from the really basic number sense skills: how to count, whether eight more than or less than ten – those really basic math skills. The next math skills taught are types of computation – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers of all sizes.

English Skills Taught in Elementary School:

Elementary reading and language arts skills; range from real basicreading skills, knowing the alphabets, knowing the sounds, basic phonicsthrough reading. And writing, first graders should be able to write a sentence.There are three main aspects of reading that schools focus on, which is justthe ability to put words together and read them out, vocabulary, which isknowing what the words mean, and then you’ve got comprehension, which is theability to know what is going on in the book.

Science Skills Taught in Elementary School:

Elementary school science learn basic earth science, basic life science.

What School Supplies Will My Elementary School Student Need?

The basic school supplies that our elementary school student will need include a little backpack that they’ll put stuff in. Elementary student need to be supplied with pencils, erasers, drawing book with colored pencils, 7 notebooks- 2 single line for Arabic and Math and the rest with 3 lines.

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